Project Details

The City of Tacoma had plans to construct a new fish collection facility and powerhouse at Lake Cushman Dam No. 2. For the new facility to be constructed, over 350 cubic yards of rock needed to be removed next to Lake Cushman Dam No. 2.

McCallum Rock Drilling Inc. conducted five technical close-in blasting operations next to the dam. The first blast was approximately 20 feet away. As the project proceeded, we blasted as close as four feet to the dam. Each blast was designed to fragment and displace the bedrock while maintaining safe ground vibration limits at the dam. Multiple seismographs were used to monitor ground vibration and hydrophones were used to monitor water overpressure. McCallum Rock Drilling Inc. utilized state of the art electronic detonators and drilling techniques to safely complete this project.

We worked with Tri-State/Habor Pacific a Joint Venture and the City of Tacoma on this project. The project went smoothly with no impacts to structures and no complaints from the public.

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